Lapindo mudflow victims Difficult Mind Health Insurance (1)

Thousands of victims of the mud , especially from poor families groups ( poor families ) more miserable . They had to scramble to get health care . This condition occurs because they are living without health insurance .

In fact, the greater the threat to their health , along the length of the Lapindo mudflow .

Harwati , mudflow victims of Siring village , Porong , said there are thousands of victims of Lapindo mudflow that are not covered health insurance .

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" Reason Public Health Service funny . We considered late to register . Though we were never able to socialization , " said Harwati , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

Female 43 years was claimed to have been fighting with her ​​neighbors since 2011. When health insurance is called the Community Health Insurance (Assurance ) .

Starting this year , health insurance was changed to the Social Security Agency ( BPJS ) . Herwati tell , initially , he and the victim asked registered JAMKESNAS mud , but failed .

Previously , the names they also failed to get into the grounds late Jamkesda register. Various institutions they visited . Starting from the village, district , Sidoarjo regency until Parliament .

Answers obtained Harwati very normative . It contained more appointments . Harwati rate, that promise has not been realized to date .

Some people did later take care of this letter ( SKTM ) to the village .

This letter can be a substitute for the poor who do not have a card to get free treatment JAMKESMAS . But not a few people are frustrated because they feel dipingpong .

"If given the dipingpong - ping pong , we really feel as if the poor people like us is prohibited ill . ‘God , How could we treat it," said Herwati . ( IDL / ben )


Start VI Cement Factory Built Indarung

PT Semen Indonesia Tbk realize the construction of a new factory which is under the management of its subsidiary , PT Semen Padang , the cement factory Indarung VI . The factory was built with a capacity of 3 million tons of cement per year .

The construction site is located in Padang West Sumatra . The laying of the first stone by SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan , West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno , President Director of PT Semen Indonesia Dwi Soetjipto , as well as the President Director of PT Semen Padang Munadi Arifin .

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The project, run it at Rp 3.25 trillion , with a construction period of 30 months and is targeted to be completed in the second semester -2016 .

" Construction of the plant Indarung VI based on the needs of the cement market in Sumatra and western Java which continues to grow rapidly . In Sumatra , cement demand growth to 1.5 percent annually , while the utilization of Semen Padang has almost reached 100 percent , " said Dwi Soetjipto , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

Semen Padang in 2013 managed to sell 6.57 million tonnes with a market share of 45 percent ( Sumatra and western Java ) . Meanwhile nationally , Semen Padang market share of 12 percent .

" As the factories owned by the Company other recent , Indarung VI plant is also done in self-managed , " said Dwi Soetjipto .

After the operation of the new plant Indarung VI , the production capacity of Semen Padang will increase to 10.5 million tons of cement per year than the previous capacity of 7.5 million tons per year .


"Selfie" in Android Enough with Whistle

Penchant for mobile gadget users perform self-portrait selfie aka becoming an attractive area for developers , including developers of Android applications called ” Whistle Camera ” is.

As quoted from The Next Web , as the name implies , can be used Whistle Camera gadget users to take photos just by whistling . Fingers need not bother to reach the shutter button when taking pictures selfie .

In the explanation of the application , the developer Whistle said that the program allows users to take photos with just one hand holding a smartphone .

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Photos can be taken with a whistle , without having to use both hands to push the button . There are also other scenarios , such as when I have to wear gloves which makes touchscreen becomes unusable .

Whistle Camera
Whistle application view Camera
Camera Whistle own a camera application with a minimalist appearance and simplified settings option . There is a sensitivity setting options whistling sound , camera resolution , and image storage folder .

There is also the option to turn on the flash and take a picture with a timer or a conventional shutter Tombo displayed on the screen .

Kompas Tekno had tried this application , which really can be used for taking photos with a whistle . However, the focus areas are still balls made ​​by touching a finger to the screen as usual .


So Kubutambahan Second Airport Location in Bali

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika decided second international airport construction site in Bali is Kubutambahan , Buleleng regency . He could not wait long in deciding the location for the opening of the tender to build the target from mid this year .

Until Saturday ( 05/17/2014 ) , some potential investors who will offer a presentation has not come to a more complete concept . According to Pastika , he hopes there is another option for the best thing for the people of Buleleng .

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" We tried to wait until another investor such as from Singapore who promised to come , but there is no news for the presentation . We also pressed for time , " said Pastika .

He hoped that in May this be reported to the Jakarta airport development plan after the second Bali Ngurah Rai in Badung . A land area of ​​approximately 600 acres required , costing Rp 3 trillion .

Make sure the promise not to displace or interfere with temple building and excessive population . ” To be sure , the construction must be carefully and seriously . This includes thinking about the infrastructure around it later . We will attempt to use the land so as not to interfere with provincial society , ” he said .

Local authorities are targeting in 2018 a second airport in Bali began waking . Buleleng Airport is expected to boost the economic welfare of the people of Bali northern part of Bali that inequality between the north and south quickly eroded .

A number of parties , such as the figures the Hindu Association of Indonesia ( PHDI ) and academics , provide input to the governor that any decision about the plan to build a second airport in Buleleng Bali unhurried . They hope the decision is really mature because very little land of Bali .

Dean of the Faculty of Udayana University ‘s Tourism Made Sendra stated , determine the location of the international airport in Buleleng is not easy . The reason is , it concerns the customs , culture , and social . According to him , local people do not resist change and modernization .

" However, several prospective locations and buildings in the airport location has historical value so we hope that all the buildings are considered sacred and history is not lost , " said Sendra .


Sony Will Release Update for Xperia KitKat ?

Sony Will Release Update for Xperia KitKat ?

TOKYO - Sony Mobile , an electronics company based in Japan plans to update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat for a variety of Xperia models . This update will be launched in June and July .

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Launched by Softpedia , Sunday ( 18/05/2014 ) , this information emerging from justaboutphone who said that there was a leak of documents through Sony ‘s official website . Based on this information , the handset like the Xperia Z , Xperia ZL and ZR Xperia will get updated version 4.4.2 KitKat June .

The leaked documents also revealed that the type T2 Ultra Xperia phones , the Xperia M2 , E1 and Xperia Xperia SP will get get an update on the range of the next few months , ie June to July .

Apparently, Sony also plans to provide updates of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on models such as the smartphone , the Xperia C , L Xperia , Xperia T , in the next two months .

What is interesting to note Xperia XP is expected to get an update KitKat version in the near future . However , yet we can be sure of the accuracy of the information disclosed .


78 Percent of Parliament Seats Filled New Face of West Java

As many as 78 percent of parliament seats be filled by West Java new faces . The rest is filled by a candidate who has served as a member of the previous board . This was stated by the Chairman of the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) in West Java Yayat Hidayat Plenary Meeting Open Seats Acquisition and Determination of Selected Candidates of West Java Provincial Assembly Members Election Commission Office in 2014 in West Java , on Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) afternoon .

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" The parliament sitting in a chair Jabar 78 percent or 78 persons achieved by a new face . Meanwhile , the incumbent is re- elected is about 28 or 28 percent of people who managed to get back , " he said .

Yayat added , the total board members who will sit in a chair DPRD Jabar numbered 100 members . Of the 100 candidates were elected , 22 percent are women .

" So , it means a group of men believed more than women , " said Yayat .

Meanwhile , of the 100 candidates were elected anyway , the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle won 20 seats , followed by the acquisition of Golkar Party 17 seats .

Democrat Party and Prosperous Justice Party each got 12 seats , while Gerindra won 11 seats . United Development Party ( PPP ) to get 9 seats , the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) 7 seats , 5 seats Nasdem Party , the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) 4 seats and 3 seats Hanura .

" For the United Nations and PKPI no seats , " he added .

Yayat also asserted that a political party is not a winner in the 2014 election , although the PDI - P who won the most votes .

" This election is not won by the PDI - P , but the victory belongs to the whole people of West Java , " he concluded .


Gamatechno , from Jogja to Smart City

Along with advances in technology and the demands of the times , the concept of smart city smart city or echoed increasingly popular . A number of both government and private agencies was moved to make it happen , one of them Gamatechno .

Engaged in the provision of information technology solutions , the company is headquartered in Yogyakarta has launched a new innovation in the form of concept gtSmartCity Solution .

The concept of smart city in general is a concept of how the situation can be known by city managers , citizens , or potential entrants , so that when there is an irregularity in the city , stakeholders can immediately take a decision soon .

gtSmartCity Solution itself is essentially an implementation of information technology systems and focuses on four sectors : education , government services , transportation and logistics industries , as well as lifestyle industry .

" The concept of smart city , expected to materialize a smart city that provides comfort for the people with characteristics less paper , less time , less cash and less complexity , " he said in his statement Gamatechno , Saturday ( 05/10/2014 ) .

In the segment of higher education , for example , has a solution gtCampus Gamatechno Suite . It is an integrated information system for universities that consists of a variety of modular software that is designed according to the college of business processes .

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For government agencies , there is such thing gtPerizinan ( one-stop information system / door ) , gtAspirasi ( aspiration community information system ) , as well as applications gtGroupware ( collaboration systems and archives offices ) .


Beware, Home Shortage Threat Worst Behind Acquisition BTN!

Concerns ballooning backlog figures ( figures deficiency ) of housing is a major concern that must be considered to stop the proposed acquisition of the State Savings Bank Tbk ( BTN ) by PT Bank Mandiri Tbk ( Mandiri ) .

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This was stated by experts in a discussion Simanungkalit Panangian property ” Strengthening the position and role of the BTN as the Housing Bank in Indonesia ” in Puri Avia Hotel & Resort , Cipayung , Bogor , on Friday ( 02/05/2014 ) night .

Until the end of 2013 , the housing backlog has reached 15 million units . Every year the shortfall figure is predicted to grow to 1 million units . Based on these predictions , according Panangian , means that within 10 years the numbers become 10 million shortfall . So , if not built a single house , in 2023 will reach 25 million backlog .

"If the target of 400 thousand units per year multiplied by 10 years equals 4 million units , meaning its backlog reached million units . ‘s If BTN is not acquired , what if acquired , " said Panangian .

Panangian outlines , BTN mission since its founding in 1976 is not profit -oriented , but rather to provide low-cost housing for the community down. When other banks did not get into the realm of low-cost housing , BTN actually strengthen themselves in the sector , not least in the crisis of 1998 is still producing home to 110 thousand units .

Noted , for 38 years until 2014 , KPR BTN has reached about 3.7 million units, valued at Rp 205 trillion . That is, the BTN has been laid off 4 times the 3.7 million people per housing unit or equal to 15 million people .

Panangian further added , multiplier effect of 3.7 million construction of the house is very large . First , trickal down effect of 3.7 million construction of the house was very large . Second , the amount of 3.7 million homes built by 15 workers per home or as many as 56 million workers .

" Of the 56 million workers have revived 4 family members or equal to 222 million people . More importantly , BTN has helped the government to encourage the opening of new cities across Indonesia , " said Panangian .

For this reason, further Panangian , BTN is very experienced in housing finance and has proved itself to resistance to the crisis of 1998. Thus, it is very important to make the BTN as a national housing bank in Indonesia . ” Asset BTN today was Rp 150 trillion . Healthier . BTN was pretty bank . Acquired for what , ” said Panangian .

President of the HUD Institute , Zulfi S. Koto , agrees with Panangian . With the existing rules , BTN could be National housing bank in Indonesia . ” Even the concept should be prepared to be formed into the national housing and urban development in which there will be infrastructure , markets , roads , and others . Typically BTN right there so service should be enlarged . Condition, there should be a law overriding and can temporarily Instruction is used only once , ” said Zulfi .

Zulfi Similarly , DPP Chairman of Housing and Settlements Development Association of Indonesia ( Apersi ) , Anton R. Santoso , stating that the BTN should be used as a national housing bank , aka national housing bank . Apersi firmly rejected the acquisition.

Anton said the government should strengthen the position of BTN to serve the function of housing finance , namely by placing BTN as well as the bank’s loan portfolio (mortgage ) . Thus , BTN role in funding the loans , long-term housing .

" So the bank must have a source of long-term funds also like stocks , bonds , retirement or savings fund public housing . Makes BTN as a mortgage bank can be used as a solution to the problem of the declining ability of most people in home ownership , " said Anton .


The decision disappointed Wages, Workers Take coffin Illustrated Jokowi-Ahok

Hundreds of workers who are members of the United Federation of Metal Workers of Electronics and Machinery ( FSPLEM ) and the Federation of Indonesian Automotive ( FSPOI ) staged a demonstration in front of City Hall on Thursday ( 01/05/2014 ) .

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In the action , they carry the coffin pictorial Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo along with Vice Governor of Jakarta Tjahaja Basuki Purnama .

Deputy Head of Advocacy FSPLEM , M Toha said , the coffin as a symbol of their disappointment over the establishment of Provincial Sectoral Minimum Wage ( UMSP ) which has been signed Jokowi some time ago .

" Governor UMSP why even set below the level agreed upon two elements bipartite ( employers and workers ) , " said Toha in her speech in front of Jakarta City Hall .

One of the industry sub-sector burden is electric and telephone wires set at Rp 2.702 million . In fact , he said , in the discussion , there was a deadlock between workers and employers . Despite the deadlock , the numbers determined in councils is approximately USD 2.8 to 2.85 million .

Toha deplore the government’s stance that it does not take the numbers and take the middle below the deadlock . Jokowi The governor has issued two regulations ( gubernatorial ) related UMSP , the rules UMSP in 15 sectors and industry rules LEM .

" We reject the regulation . Now we no longer ask what percent - what percentage , we ask only negotiations , we continue to be lied to , " said Toha .

For LEM industry , he said , workers do not deserve UMSP 5 percent of the UMP in 2014 , amounting to USD 2.4 million . Supposedly , the increase is above 5 percent . Therefore , the previous year , an increase UMSP LEM industry reached 17 percent .

For your information , Jokowi UMSP should set for 11 seed sectors and 80 subsectors . The value of at least 5 percent of 2014 Jakarta UMP according Permenakertrans No. 7 of 2013 on Minimum Wage . The decision , the employer may file an objection to the suspension if such determination .

" I ‘ve met with Ahok ( Basuki ) and he made sure this year , the city government rejected the suspension of entrepreneurs . Courage Now we want unions to report to the city government if intimidated , " said Toha .

Furthermore , Toha also asked the government to revise the Regulation of the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration No. 13 of 2012 on Living Needs component ( KHL ) from 60 to 84 items . Additional component in the form of pulses , phones , and televisions .


Jakarta , Risma Fixed Monitor Rain and Lalin Surabaya Through Mobile

Jakarta , Risma Fixed Monitor Rain and Lalin Surabaya Through Mobile
Surabaya Mayor Tri Risma Harini deliberation attend the National Development Plan ( Musrenbangnas ) in Jakarta . Although the charge out of the city , the situation in Surabaya is still monitored by Risma . Of course through his sophisticated gadgets .

This scene looks when Risma met with the Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo on the sidelines Musrenbangnas at Bidakara , South Jakarta , Wednesday ( 30/04/2014 ) . On that occasion , was showcased Risma security system that can be accessed no matter where he is .

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" So we got the application , I could see the rain in Surabaya now . Which is jammed too visible , " said Risma to Ganjar .

Charisma explains it while showing smartphone to Ganjar . Ganjar looked amazed . “Why yes clever-clever , ” said Ganjar .

Grinning , Risma said , “Yes , we recruit the right there is classification. ‘s Undergraduate Bachelor ‘s , I tell ya wrote for . “

Charisma also shows how its CCTV cameras can also be driven remotely . Once again , Ganjar stood in awe .

" Well , I also want to let the CCTV camera is telling glanced up like this , " said Ganjar .

" So now no one is angry over the highway again ya ya ? Haha , " he joked .

Charisma suddenly burst out laughing and said yes . ” Iyo , saiki not need meneh ( yes , it is not necessary anymore ) , ” said Risma .